Encash your happiness by playing OASIS Poker at 12Amber club

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Online Poker is very convenient nowadays and it’s getting popular as time goes by, just like live poker, online poker is fun, easy-to-play, and also provides thrill. This is an intellectual casino game, so an actual skill is necessary to get rewards. To give you the thrilling and exciting vibes of online poker and to make the use of your poker money for real entertainment, OASIS Poker is here to provide progressive poker with progressive jackpot that you will surely love.

How to Play

At the start, players must place their ante on the playing surface. Before the dealer announces “no more bets”, players must place their bets first. Players will have the option to place a bonus side bet, which contributed to the progressive jackpot. Both dealers and players are dealt with five cards. All cards are dealt face down, except one of the dealer’s cards (mostly referred to as ‘Hole’ card).

The dealer will push the cards towards the player — which player is able to examine the cards. Players have the privilege to choose to switch one card of his or her choice for the next card in the 52- card deck. However, players must pay a fee equal to the ante wager and this is non-refundable. Players can swap their card but the price increases.

The players have the option to either play or fold. If the player chooses to fold, they forfeit their cards, ante ebt, and the side bet. If he or she chooses to play, then the players must raise by placing a wager twice the amount of the ante. The dealer will turn over the remaining four cards. To dealer to continue to play, their hand must possess an ace and a king or form a pair or any higher-ranked poker hand.

If the player or among the players beat the dealer’s qualified hand, he or she will win the raise wager and the ante. If they lose, then they will lose all the bets. If the result is tie or draw, then ante and raise will push.

OASIS Poker Progressive Jackpot

Since this is under the Caribbean Stud Poker, you will find similarity on the side bet of the OASIS Poker. Like payouts, the bonus bet can vary from casino to casino, but in 12Amber Club, it follows the similar pattern:

Royal Flush: 100% of Jackpot

Straight Flush: 10% of Jackpot

Four of a Kind:  $100

Full House: $75

Flush: $50

Overall Verdict

OASIS Poker is one of the best online poker products that you can play and find thrilling. Its progressive jackpots, the rules of playing the cards, the side bets and ante all somehow contribute to the competitive atmosphere of this online poker. Despite not being a popular online poker, it still provides fun and easy navigation. 

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