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What is a Dragon?

A dragon is a massive creature that seems to resemble a legendary serpent being in the folklore and myths of countries around the world. There are different descriptions of a dragon depending on what region culture it is described. In the western part of the world, a dragon in the middle ages have often been depicted as a four legged creature with wings and horns on their head that can breathe hot fire at his will. However, in the eastern part, dragons are described as something like serpentine creatures with four legs that cannot breathe fire but has a high intelligence.

Then word Dragon has come to the Chinese and applied to the Chinese lung that is associated by good fortune and has the power over the rain. All Dragons and their family among the rain are the Chinese custom of dragon dancing and dragon boat racing. Also many ancient Asian deities have a Dragon for a mount or as a companion. During the Chinese imperial history the emperor of China have forbidden the use of Dragon in their home, clothing or design except for him (the emperor) For the Chinese people, Dragons is the opposite of the western depiction of a dragon. For them a dragon is an image of nobility wisdom and prosperity. Also Dragons for the Chinese people are connected in the seasons and their elements are often partnered with one of the four cardinal directions and are categorized by color as each contrast holds a symbolic meaning

Color of Dragons and their meaning

Blue and Green

The colors green and blue are familiar with the colors of nature, serenity growth and health. Blue and Green Dragons symbolizes the coming of spring flying over the clear skies and new plants that the season produce. Also these colors are associated with healing, rest, prosperity and harmony.

Black and white

The colors black and white are important colors in the Chinese culture because it represents the balance of yin and yang. For Black which is the yin, it is negative, passive and feminine for white which is the yang; it represents positivity, activeness and manliness or masculine. A black dragon represents winter and the north while the white one represents purity same with the western meaning of the color white. It also symbolizes mourning and mortality that submits that the white dragon is an omen of death while the black dragon is known for the power it has over the storms.

Yellow and Gold

The colors Yellow and Gold have been depicted as superiority and the most respected of the dragons. It represents the Emperor and the imperial family for this color represents royalty. It is also associated with solidity, reliability and warmth. These types of Dragon bring wealth, wisdom and compassion.


The color red represents the traditional color of good fortune and happiness. These dragons are often used in weddings and other large celebrations for those who want good fortune in the future. The red Dragon also symbolizes luck, fire, passion and the heart.

Now, you can encounter these Dragons all at once by 12BET’s and pragmatic play 888 dragons slot game. This 3×3 1 line video slot will make your fortune and easier while you’re having fun at the same time. Just bet spin and let the dragons decide whether you are the chosen one to win great amount of fortune. Don’t have an account? Sign up now and play more games in 12BET Casino

Game Rules

*Starting from the leftmost reel, all symbols will pay from left to right on end-to-end reels.


3 – RM 1,625.00          3 – RM 812.50              3 – RM 406.25            3 – RM 81.25

*To make the spin of the slot stop, you may use either the space button or the enter button whichever suits your game style.


*96.84% is the speculative RTP of the game.


*All of the malfunction and errors of the game will void all the pays and plays.


How to play the game

*before pressing the spin button to play you may select the bet amount that you want to use by clicking the (+) and (-) buttons to adjust the said amount.

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