Tennis News: Ashleigh Barty ruled out possibilities of a comeback

The reigning Australian Open Champion Ashleigh Barty ruled out any talks of a tennis comeback. The Australian Tennis sensation and former World No.1 shocked the world with an announcement of her retirement.

In the launching of her autobiography book ‘My Dream Time’ (which detailed the reason and stories behind her early retirement from tennis) at Melbourne Park addresses that she is already done with the tennis sport, “You can never say never but no. No, no, no. I’m done.”

In her memoir, Barty emphasizes that she already found her peace and was happy with her new life — a life off from the Women’s Tennis Association Tour. “I miss competing and challenging myself against the best of the world but I don’t miss a lot that comes with it,” Barty said. “I’m still competitive with myself when I train at home. I still try to push myself but there’s no white-line fever anymore.’

Ashleigh Barty. The Three Grand Slam winner and has spent almost 120+ weeks sitting as the World No.1, ended her impressive tennis career following a hiatus to play cricket with an announcement of her retirement. This move by her, shocks the entire fans of tennis across the world, A Michael Jordanesque style, when the basketball legend retired from basketball to play baseball. But, Barty confidently abandoned playing tennis by ruling out any thoughts of a comeback and expressing that she’s more happy and has time for herself. She also said that she has not watched any tennis game since the day she retired and doesn’t even know the current top five players.

“[And] I never really felt like there was this void that needed to be filled in because there was a genuine sense of fulfillment at the end of my career.”

Right Now, Barty said that she was still unsure about what her future held — in spite of the fact that she was enjoying mentoring young tennis talents. She’s still “searching… searching for stimulation, searching for other things.”

“But now I don’t need that. Now I have probably understood and realized that I’ve had an extremely full, fulfilling, incredible journey in my athletic and professional career and now it’s time to close that chapter,” Barty said.

Currently, Ashleigh is in the midst of a promotional tour for her first autobiographical book titled ‘My Dream Time’. The book tour was all across Australia, and it includes her second visit to Melbourne Park. She headed to GMHBA Stadium, the home of AFL premiers Geelong, before returning to Melbourne for a speaking gig last Tuesday, at The Athenaeum.

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