Unlock your Sports Advertising potential with 12BET Affiliate Betting

This is your chance to become an Affiliate Betting partner by joining 12BET Affiliate Program and get a reward of up to 40% monthly commission.

12BET, the Asia’s leading sportsbook and online casino provider continue to give one of the best online betting platforms to an online bettor and to avid sports and online gaming fans by offering a one of the world-class sports betting affiliates in 12BET Affiliate. 

Last year, 2022, 12BET offered an exclusive promotion in line with the full coverage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup which offers a lucrative 50% commission for every qualified member to be referred by an Affiliate to 12BET. This affiliate program is surely always providing updates and promotions in line with various sporting events like World Cup, and it makes this as the top line for sports betting promotion, always aligning their program to current sports events in order to boost awareness, provide more traffics, and also creating opportunity for its players into sports advertising. 

By joining this program, you will become an official 12BET Affiliate and you will earn commission for every player you will refer to 12BET and will be over the course of the player’s account life. There is always a regular updates of banners and additional promotions that will surely increase your online earning and help you experience and unlock financial freedom by earning an additional $2,000 on top of your monthly commission.

Here is the steps that you can follow to get this extra commission:

  • Join 12BET Affiliate program and start promoting 12BET with click of a button
  • Invite or refer your players as much as you can and hit the target requirement.
  • Extra commissions will be credited together with your monthly commissions.





12 4,500 5% 500
25 10,500 8% 1200
40 15,000 12% 2000


  1. This applies to all 12BET Affiliates
  2. The Affiliates will be qualified or eligible to get extra commission if they able to reach the requirements indicated in the table above
  3. Extra Commissions will calculate from the final commission of the preceding month
  4. This extra commission will be credited together with the final commission within 08th – 15th of the month

Overall Verdict

12BET Affiliate Program is surely the best affiliate betting program ever, with always an update on its promotion in line with various huge sporting events like Football World Cup, Basketball World Cup, cricket and more provides a ready platform where affiliates can enjoy the traffic and brand awareness to easily get referral and earn lucrative commissions. 

WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN 12BET: 12BET is a longstanding leading Asia’s sports betting and online casino provider that has been established in the Isle of Man and in the Philippines with over 14 years of unparalleled service. It is ranked 17th out of 50 in the World according to EGAMING Review Power 50. They offer the best odds for all sports including basketball, tennis, football, cricket, and also offer world-class esports, online slots, and live casino games to provide you an ultimate online gaming experience. You can sign up to become an affiliate partner of 12BET here!

Where to play

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